The Family in Recovery

At Potomac Pathways, we focus on healing and recovery, both for the teen and for the whole family. Each family has a complex structure of behavior patterns, unspoken rules and expectations, overt and covert power dynamics and a unique history of family events and memories. It took your teenager some time to get to this level of problematic behavior and for the family to get to this level of “stuckness” and pain! Potomac Pathways takes the time needed to support both the teen and the family in taking steps to help establish new and better ways of family functioning.

First Step Parent Program & DBT Multi-family Skills Group

In both the First Step Parent Program & DBT Multi-family Skills Group, parents learn more about the addiction cycle and impact of drugs and alcohol on the adolescent and the family. One focus of the program is recognizing how parents can identify codependent (or enabling) behavior in the family, explore interactions and communication patterns, and practice new ways to engage the family in healthy patterns.

Family Therapy

Although the teen is the primary person in recovery, the family can be negatively affected by the teen’s acting-out behavior and needs to have a way to deal with it. In family meetings, we create a safe place for the family members to come to terms with the impact of the teen’s behavior, process the pain and anguish it has caused, and find hope and healing in charting new pathways for strong and healthy communication and relationships in the family.