Thoughts from Brooke Brody, LCSW-C

Thoughts from Brooke Brody, LCSW-C

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Potomac Pathways treatment programs are designed for adolescents and young adults who are “transitional age,” meaning that they are at that developmental stage of preparing to move on from high school and heading into the rest of their lives. Both of our intensive outpatient programs work to address the immediate issues with substance use and mental health, but in addition, help young people to figure out—“What is my path in life?” and “Where am I headed from here?” Those are the “big picture” kinds of dilemmas that can keep young people feeling stuck, uncertain about the future, anxious and depressed. Our therapists and peer mentors serve as compassionate life coaches for teens that can help present pathways for moving forward. And answers in that larger sphere of questioning, can help to lift an underlying sense of anxiety and low self-esteem that our teenage clients feel and to reduce or eliminate the urge to self-anesthetize with drugs and alcohol.

At Potomac Pathways, teens and young adults find a safe and soothing atmosphere, and a non-confrontational and accepting approach to change. And the result is—our teenage clients remain with us longer, and express a very high level of satisfaction. For 2017, our average length of stay was 12 weeks, which is unusually high for adolescent IOPs, and—98% of our (teenage) clients expressed that they felt understood and respected by their therapist (on satisfaction surveys). And, in both of our programs, the teens demonstrated significant improvement on clinical measures. Don’t hesitate to call for more info. We’re here to help!

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