December 2017: Tibet and Everest Base Camp!

December 10 - 22, 2017


Guess what? You don't even have to ditch school to come on this trip! The dates correspond with Winter Break for Montgomery College and also for the University of Maryland. 

This trip is basically all about the amazing beauty of Tibet, and also the spirituality of Tibetan Buddhism! If you google the locations on the itinerary below, you'll see that awesomeness abounds. Because of time constraints-- spring break is one week-- this is not going be an extensive two week hiking trek. That's another trip. This is an introduction to the beauty and spirituality of Tibet, and a fairly amazing one at that! It includes the ancient and sacred sites in Lhasa, and also a day hike to Mt. Everest Base Camp. The Tibet side of the mountain allows for a day hike in. The Nepal side is more-or-less a one-week hike to base camp. You'll see when you get there.

It takes two days of air travel to get there, and one day to return. We fly from Dulles to Delhi. And then from Delhi to Lhasa. Same route back. The trip costs $2250. The airfare is under $2000. So, a total of around $4250. Worth it, I'd say, for a life-changing experience. Right? This is Mt. Everest!

Itinerary, briefly...

Day 1:    Arrival in Lhasa (3650m)

Day 2:    Lhasa Tour - Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

Day 3:    Lhasa Tour - Drepung monastery, Sera monastery

Day 4:    Lhasa (3650m) to Shigatse (3900m)

Day 5:    Shigatse (3900m) to Everest Base Camp(5200)

Day 6:    EBC (5200m) and return to Shigatse (3900m)

Day 7:    Shigatse (3900m) to Lhasa (3650m)

Day 8:   Depart from Lhasa to Kathmandu

Day 9:     Kathmandu sightseeing-- Swambhu and Bodnath


The cost of the trip, not including flights will be $2250. 

For now, let us know that you would like to register for the trip either by calling, emailing, or through the form on the right.

Before long, an online payment form will magically appear on this page, that will allow you to register and make a deposit on the trip.

Join us on this recovery pilgrimage to the ancient world of Shangri-La!