The admissions process generally looks like this:

PHONE CALLFirst, call our admissions line: (301-987-PATH). We'll discuss your (or your son's or daughter's) current situation and clinical issues in an initial phone consultation.

MEETING:  Then, we generally set up a time to meet and talk further about how we may be able to meet your needs and what an individualized treatment program would consist of.

ADMISSION:  If our services appear to be a good match to meet your needs, we set up an admission, which can usually happen immediately.

OR REFERRAL:  If it appears that another kind of program, or a higher level of care, would be more appropriate, we can assist in steering you in the right direction.

Please fill out our admissions application before meeting with us to discuss a potential admission. This allows you to provide background information and other relevant information that we require (and that Maryland state law requires that we collect) in order to assess your family member's clinical needs.

For more information about our clinical services for teens and young adults, please call Potomac Pathways at (301) 987-PATH (7284). One of our program therapists will be happy to speak with you about our programs and your family's needs.